Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions

How long are the visits?

Most visits are 30 minutes in length. Occasionally, we may stay an extra few minutes if necessary. Sometimes, clients request we spend a little less time with shy cats, but we will allot sufficient time regardless.

What time of day are the visits?

We work in time frames based on the frequency of visits. We are happy to discuss your pets’ specific needs.

Which sitter will be assigned to my home?

We strive for consistency when it comes to sitters, but it does depend on the days you have scheduled, as all sitters have regular days on and off. Feel free to reach before your trip and we can advise you. In the mean time, please see our About Us page for more information.

What type of training do your sitters receive?

All of our sitters undergo a detailed orientation during onboarding, which includes completing a pet first aid class. Then, they shadow our experienced sitters for several days before being ‘unleashed’ on their own to perform pet care visits. We are constantly available to answer any questions they may have to ensure their success.

How are keys handled?

Most of our clients use our lockbox system or provide a door code. Lockboxes are set up in an obscure location on your property whenever possible and provide access to our staff at all times while keeping the key on your property.

Should this set-up not be possible, we can safely store your key in our secure locker. Please note that we are not able to provide key pick-up and drop-off services each time you travel.

How is payment for services handled?

We use a company called Pineapple Payments, where you upload your credit or debit card info to their secure system. Payments for travelling clients are processed on the day the assignment begins. Payments for ongoing weekly dog walk clients are processed at the start of each week.

What is your cancellation policy?

We try to be as flexible for our clients as possible. We are usually able to credit for any visits cancelled with 24 hours notice.

Are you able to administer medications?

We are experienced with a variety of medications, such as insulin injections. If you have a pet who is shy, we can discuss with you arrangements for the best setup to ensure our success.

Do you work holidays?

Yes, we care for pets every day of the year! There is no extra charge on holidays; however, on major holidays, we do shorter visits so our staff can both care for the pets and spend time with family.

What type of insurance do you have?

We carry liability insurance for non-owned autos and bonds through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We carry Worker’s Compensation coverage through Comp West, a division of the Accident Fund.

What happens if an employee is injured at my home?

We follow the above-mentioned workers’ comp policy to protect you and our employees.